Why Invest in Real Estate in Cairns?

Cairns in Queensland, Australia, is not only a destination, but the whole area itself represents a unique lifestyle. Many properties in Cairns, whether in residential areas or near recreational centres of activity, are perfect for personal living or long-term investments, and even for short-term rental business. Many areas are picturesque with expanding plains and elevated slopes, along with tropical forest backgrounds.

So, why invest in Cairns properties? Steve Cordenos Real Estate offers the following reasons.

Cairns is the perfect “tourist town”

Cairns is only the 5th largest city in Queensland with a population of around 160,000. Tourist means that this “tourist town” isn’t that crowded, even during tourist peak season that includes the locals. The city also has its own industries such as sugar and mining, so the locals aren’t dependent on tourism alone. But the tourism attraction is strong because Cairns is the only place in the world with two world heritage areas: The Great Barrier Reef and the Daintree Rainforest.


Cairns boasts of an almost year-round tropical weather, with a wet and dry season, rather than the four seasons. Temperatures that average between 24°C and 33°C makes Cairns perfect for residing permanently or investing in real estate property.

The Beaches

For both Australians and overseas tourists, the stretch of beaches in Cairns is a paradise similar to the Gold Coast and what other Queensland beachfront can offer. This aspect alone can make investing in Cairns property worth it.

Numerous things to do

You name it, Cairns has it. Tourism, business, pleasure, activities, sports, etc. You can’t run out of things to do – or invest – in Cairns. Real estate is one of them. You can’t go wrong with properties in Cairns.

 Steve Cordenos Real Estate

With over 30 years of real estate experience in Cairns and 750 million in sales under its belt, the best property to invest in comes from Steve Cordenos Real Estate. You’re in good hands with Steve Cordenos when it comes to real estate in Cairns. Visit the website at https://cordenosrealestate.com/ for more information.