Real Estate in Cairns: Things to Do in Cairns During Winter

If you just moved to Cairns, you’re probably surprised about the winter temperature. But remember that Cairns is in Queensland, and winter in this state is akin to being inside an air-conditioned room. Cities like Cairns, Mackay, and Townsville have become beacons of where to go during winter. So, if you’re wondering what to do in Cairns in the winter, we give you a few things.

Take the Great Barrier Reef and Green Island tours

The Great Barrier Reef is nearby, and you’re no Aussie unless you’ve been there and experienced it. Aside from this world-famous natural attraction, you can also take the Green Island tour that’s only 45 minutes from Cairns by fast boat. Take the glass-bottom tours in both venues to see the rich aquatic life underneath. If you’re into snorkelling or scuba-diving, enquire about these.

Daintree Rainforest

This is one of the oldest rainforests in the world that has been around for an estimated 135 million years. You can opt for the group tour guide for a personalised tour of the scenic beaches and inside the rainforest. You can get the Cape Tribulation Day tour that includes guided rainforest walks, scenic lookouts, and spotting crocodiles along the Daintree River. For the more adventurous, you can go on the Zipline Tour or the Human Hamster Wheel cable lift.

Barron River Rafting

The rapid river rafting along the Barron River is only 20 minutes away from Cairns for adrenaline heart beating adventurers. Just make sure to hold on tightly to the boat for dear life as the trip is quite rocky. If you want to remain dry, though, you can choose the skydiving tour that ends near the Great Barrier Reef, do some bungee jumping, and ride ATV Quad Bikes through the Barron forest. 

If you, instead, want to explore Cairns City itself, you can check out:

  • Shopping – The Cairns CBD is the primary shopping market in the city, and inside you’ll also find the Rusty Markets and Cairns Night Markets.
  • Countless Restaurants and Cafes – The main streets and the harbour alone provide numerous cuisines and delectable choices.
  • Cairns Zoom and Wildlife Dome – Contains numerous adventure courses and activities. There is also wildlife inside the dome.
  • Cairns Esplanade Lagoon – The lagoon is located right next to the harbour. You can take a dip even in winter because the waters are only around 20°C even in winter.
  • Cairns Museum – For those looking for some quiet learning and education. If you want to see more with a bit of bite, check out the Australian Armour and Artillery Museum. You’ll enjoy the military exhibits, and you can even take joy rides in armoured vehicles.

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