Real Estate in Cairns: How to Unpack Efficiently After Moving House

You always read lots of tips and advice about how to pack when moving house. However, unpacking after moving house is just as important because this is when you start your new life in your new home. But unpacking can also be stressful if not done in an organised manner. With this in mind, here is some advice on how to unpack efficiently after moving to your new home.

Note: It greatly helps if your boxes are placed in their appropriate rooms or areas. For this, you need to inventory each box, labelling their general contents and what room they belong to.

Start unpacking the essential boxes

These boxes are either the first to be unloaded off the truck or travelled with you in the car. These are the essential items that you may need immediately after moving, such as your laptop or computer, basic prepared foods, important paperwork, medications, and basic toiletries. 

Do the kitchen first

Why the kitchen first? You’ll never know if, after moving, it may be near lunchtime or dinner time, or the family feels hungry after travelling far. You need to unpack and arrange basic cooking items, and start hooking up the coffee machine and toaster. You can finish the kitchen after the rest of the boxes are unpacked.

The bedrooms come next

Put the beds together and unpack the bed linens. You can arrange and place furniture and closets before unpacking boxes. You never know you might need a night’s rest before starting on the house in the morning.

Do the bathrooms before going to bed

This is a necessity before getting any shuteye at the end of the day. Unpack all necessary bathroom items and get them arranged. Nothing feels like a real home than having completely done the bathroom. This is the first room you need to be completely done before any other room.

Do the utility areas for last

Boxes for the utility rooms, basement, and garage should be unpacked for last. Understandably, these items aren’t that essential. Unpack any tools first in case you need to do sudden repairs or need to use the hammer or screwdriver.

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