Real Estate in Cairns and Living in a Hillside Home

Let’s face facts: Cities of all sizes are choking under the stressful pressure of reduced quality of life, pollution, overpopulation, and rapid urbanisation. A lot of people are actually opting to move out and live in suburban areas, rural destinations, or hillside communities. The purpose is to have a quieter and blissful environment while being near to nature.

So, are there advantages to getting hillside real estate homes? Of course, hillside homes are excellent buys or investments.

The views make time stand still

A view of the surrounding country (especially if you are near a forest, river, lake, etc.) is one of the best advantages of a hillside home. You can even see over the treetop canopy, or you may have a romantic view of the city at night or the bay area. You also get cool breezes almost the whole day and at sunset.

Exclusivity and privacy

Hillside communities are mostly exclusive and remote. This is because cities and even towns are rarely found on hillsides. Thus, a hillside home affords you some rural life, privacy, but still, be within reach of an urban area. Hillside community residents also tend to keep to themselves, taking full advantage of the peace and serenity.


Hillside locations are always flood-free. Urban areas today are fast becoming prone to storms, floods, and other weather-related disasters. It always pays to stay dry on high ground. Just make sure to enquire if the hillside area is not prone to landslides.

Cordenos Real Estate

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