Real Estate Cairns: Why Not Have an Indoor Pond in Your New Home?

Your craving is finally satisfied and you just moved into your new and beautiful home. However, though you feel comfortable, you feel something is lacking inside. Why not have an indoor pond to create a more cosy and comfortable atmosphere the moment you walk through the door. Whether you have a large or medium home, you can create an indoor pond, no matter how minimalist. Check out a few of our ideas.

Fountain-like pond

The base of a water fountain makes for a perfect indoor pond. It’s already ready-made so all you need is to install and set up any decorations. However, only young Koi fish can swim in it. As the Koi grows, you will need to relocate them. You can replace them with fish that don’t grow big. Make sure the water circulation maintains oxygen flow 24/7.

Hallway pond

If you have a large home with some unused corridors or hallways, you can convert a boring space into an indoor fish pond. It will not inconvenience any family member since it’s out of the way. The fish pond will be dug into the floor and you can choose to have steps fitted in intervals across the water or just have a plain pond. For this, you need to consult professionals.

Pond room

In your large home, instead of having so many guest rooms, why not convert one room into a fish pond room? You can consume half the room for the pond and have the other half for furniture, plants around the pond and room, and decorations. This makes for a relaxing sitting area. Of course, this set-up will require the same maintenance as you would an outdoor pond.

A barrel pond

You can upcycle a barrel (or several barrels) and convert them to fish ponds. They give a rustic appeal and can be placed minimally anywhere in the house. Make sure the barrels can hold water, or you can line the inside of the barrels with a pond liner.

Cordenos Real Estate

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