Real Estate Cairns: Why Not Bring Your Garden Indoors

Even if you own a luxury home, some people still prefer having an indoor garden to being exposed to the weather tending an outdoor garden. Besides, the options for indoor gardening are never-ending. You can have fun with different types and sizes of containers. And in truth, it’s easier to grow and maintain an indoor garden. Despite the myriad ideas for indoor gardens, we offer just our few favourites here.

Similarly sized everything

If you have an awkward blank space in your home, you can use similarly sized containers and plants. The same-sized containers and plants will make a more significant impact. Having the same sized plants also means low maintenance and not hard to move around if necessary.

Hanging herb garden

Instead of just a hanging garden in one part of your home, why not make it a fresh herb one? This means that if you need to add something to make your cooking tastier, you have fresh herbs to choose from. In addition, this hanging setup can be done near the kitchen to make the herbs more accessible.

Miniature cactus garden

Cacti are very low maintenance indoor plants, so you can plant them in used mugs or cups. Then, you can get creative by making miniature benches, furniture, ladders, etc., using toothpicks or ice cream sticks and placing them beside the cacti. If you want to be more creative, you can use small pots or containers and add miniature fairy homes and figures. 

Water garden

You can make your mini water garden even without the fish. Look for medium-sized or tall glass containers to make your display look fantastic. Use ferns whose roots can withstand complete water submersion. You can try to find different aquatic plants to make your garden look more attractive.

Boxed display garden

If you have an unused box or glass display case, you can fill it with a menagerie of cactuses in tiny adorable pots and arranged for display. This is a great idea for a large living room table or on a windowsill anywhere in the house.  

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