Real Estate Cairns: Top 5 Reasons to Move into a Bigger Luxury Home

Life’s transitions can make you think about moving to a bigger house, specifically a bigger luxury home. Whether the reasons pertain to your marriage, family, children, ageing parents, or work and finances, there may be a need for a different and, thus, bigger space in the home. However, before deciding to move to a bigger luxury home, make sure the reasons for moving are valid and will set you up for better success in the future.

Unexpected rise in income

Firstly, you need to compute if you can afford to move to a bigger house. Of course, if your income has suddenly doubled due to promotion or business success, or you suddenly made a ton in cryptocurrency, or received a sudden inheritance or won the lottery, then, by all means, do buy a bigger home.

You really need more space

While your finances have improved, you realise that a new baby is coming soon, or your kids are growing fast and want rooms of their own, or you want your ageing parents to live with you. But, for whatever valid reasons, if space is needed, then by all means, get a bigger home.

You want to earn income from your home

You can afford a bigger home even if you don’t need the space. But you realise you can divide up the new house and rent out the other half and make extra income. This means you earn back what you invested in the home and eventually make a profit.

Work from home

You need to work from home because of the pandemic or your side-hustle is earning you more money enough to leave your office job. This means you need to set up a home office away from the bedroom, kitchen, and living room, because you don’t become productive by hunching over a laptop on the bed or the dining room. (Note: Enquire from a solicitor how you can write off a portion of your home office against your income taxes)

Getting married and starting a family

You’ve always been comfortable in your commonhold or flat. But now that you’re married, you and the wife want to start a family, and you do need the space. It makes no sense living in a high-rise commonhold or flat when you can live better on the ground in a bigger home surrounded, perhaps, by nature or a better neighbourhood.

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