Real Estate in Cairns Can Partner with Rental Property Companies

Despite the enhanced quarantine lockdowns, especially in Australia, short-term rental companies are advertising and listing “quarantine homes” or “safe-distancing homes” as retreats for social distancing purposes. In short, real estate companies and rental property companies can partner to offer properties as short-term rentals since real estate companies have properties sitting around just gathering dust.

More and more families are seeking out short-term rentals to ride out the pandemic in safer and tranquil environments, usually outside city centres. Also, many frontline workers such as first responders, healthcare professionals, essential store employees, truck drivers, etc. are looking for such rental properties to be nearer their place of work.

Real Estate Companies Will Benefit from the Action

While real estate home buyers, as well as tourism, have easily ground to zero, short-term rentals won’t go into a complete blank. Real estate companies (like Cordenos Real Estate) and rental property companies can respond and adapt to all types of renters also adapting to the pandemic. For example, aside from those wanting to get out of cities, they can also target frontline workers who need to go around because of their work. 

In reality, because of the almost non-existence of home property buyers, short-term rental properties can continue to be operational in case of short-notice bookings. These bookings are usually last-resort-spur-of-the-moment decisions by families to get out before lockdowns get worse.

Property Managers will Take Care of the Details

Real estate companies will have nothing to worry about because all the work details will be dealt with by the property companies. Everything from listings, vetting, checking-in and checking-out renters, maintenance, and cleaning staff will be taken care of by experienced rental property managers. All the real estate company has to do is to partner with the rental company and receive the rental payments. 

Rental property managers are experienced and aware of the dangers of the virus, and keeping the property clean and disinfected is one way to prevent the spread, and is an excellent attraction to renters. They make sure to educate the cleaning staff on areas that need to be extra cleaned and disinfected, such as bathrooms and kitchen, and door and drawer handles.

Cordenos Real Estate

If you’re a rental property company looking to invest in real estate in Cairns for the purpose of short term rentals in this time of the pandemic, get in touch and visit Steve Cordenos Real Estate at their website,