Real Estate Cairns: How to Choose a Good Removalist

Moving to your new home in Cairns? What’s the most important thing when moving? Packing? Unpacking? No, the most important thing is getting in touch and choosing a good and legitimate removalist. Besides emphasising ‘legitimate’, you also need a removalist with experience, reliability, and efficiency. When searching for a removalist for your move to Cairns, take note of the following:

Legalities first: Make sure the removalist is insured and bonded

If you want all your items delivered safely and efficiently, make sure the removalist is insured and bonded. Legitimate removalists will always have insurance to cover everything unexpected because accidents can happen. They also need to be bonded to be a member of legitimate remover associations such as the Australian Furniture Removers Association (AFRA). If they’re not insured or even a member of any remover association, move on with your search.

Read their reviews or ask for recommendations

Your friends and relatives will never recommend a lousy removalist to you, so ask them. But when searching for removalists, always look at the reviews and comments about them. You need to be wary if you don’t see any review page.

All quotes should have a breakdown of costs

It’s standard procedure for a removalist to provide a moving quote. Make sure the quote includes a breakdown of all costs. Talk to the removalist to ensure there are no other hidden costs or extra charges not included in the quote. 

Other things you can do:

  • Don’t just ask one removalist. Research and compare quotes from different removalists. Enquire from removalists listed in legitimate remover associations such as AFRA.
  • Always check if the removalist contract spells out all terms and conditions of the move.
  • Before signing off, make sure all your items, appliances, and furniture are accounted for.

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