A Guide for Real Estate Cairns Buyers Even During COVID-19

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic and government restrictions, auctions and inspections can still happen for real estate property home buyers. In fact, we encourage Australians who are on the hunt for a new home that this is an excellent time to purchase your own home. This is because having your own house at this time may prove vital in the coming months, should the limited lockdown in Australia continue as a precaution. However, with today’s modern technology, buyers can continue to schedule online inspections and auctions.

Government restrictions

Although the real estate market has been somewhat affected by the pandemic, it has quickly adapted thanks in part to technology. Of course, open house inspections are prohibited for the time being, but private inspections can be arranged. Due to social distancing, only two persons are allowed and should always maintain a distance of 1.5 metres, and no physical contact is allowed. Public auctions are now prohibited, but online auctions can be done.

Online inspections

Should a private inspection not be feasible, the buyer can inspect the house using online video streaming done by the real estate agent. Thus, the agent is still present to answer questions about the property. The buyer may request available video platforms such as Skype, WhatsApp, Zoom, Facetime, or Google Hangouts.

Online auctions

Online auctions are done using any available video platform. The auction can be conducted either at the property or at the real estate agency’s office, and is conducted by a licensed auctioneer. Since it is online, buyers need to register first before placing bids.

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