Real Estate Cairns: Black Interiors – That New Trend for Your New Home

When it comes to home interior colours, there has always been an ‘in’ colour as a neutral base or shade. White has always been the original neutral colour, followed by beige in the 2000s. For the past ten years, the trend has been towards grey. Today, interior designers are introducing black as the new neutral colour and is actually growing in popularity.

What can black interiors offer?

  • Black can support all interior styles. The colour can offer a sophisticated air to many different styles and concepts.
  • Black holds the useful quality of making a room feel bigger than it is. The shade can make the room’s walls recede, making the space feel bigger. This is because the walls of a dark painted room can’t be defined and it’s hard to tell where the wall starts, making the walls feel endless.
  • A bedroom is an ideal room to implement a black colour as it mimics the night sky and can induce a good night’s sleep.
  • Dining rooms, living rooms, and well-lit hallways are the best locations to use black. The colour gives the space a luxurious nature, even if the furniture colour contrasts with the wall.

Go dark in the kitchen

White has always been the traditional and popular neutral base for kitchens. Lately, however, black is gaining popularity, but the black often mentioned for home interiors isn’t the really jet black or glossy black shade, but rather, matt black. This interior colour has been discovered to be useful in the kitchen with its fingerprint-resistant surface.

Bathroom charcoal shade

A charcoal shade of matt black can give a stylish finish in any bathroom, particularly the walls, cabinetry, floor, and even tapware. You can even try out a fully black shower area or bathtub.

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