Moving to Real Estate Cairns and Living Closer to Nature during the Pandemic

It’s easy to feel like the coronavirus pandemic has messed up 2020. But with the changes everyone is encountering this year, many Australians – particularly Queenslanders – have discovered that: 1) It’s better to move to the suburbs or the country, away from crowded cities, and 2) The price of real estate homes for sale has gone down and will probably stay down up to the end of 2020. 


Another silver lining to this is that people moving to the suburbs or country find it better to move nearer to nature. This means being nearer to greenery, forests, the outback, near lakes or rivers, or beaches, or just anywhere nearer to nature. So, aside from the low home prices and lower interest rates, can moving nearer to nature be better during the pandemic? We think so.


Nearer to nature, away from the crowded cities

Real estate companies have noticed a surge of home buyers who used to own or rent apartments or commonhold residential units within cities. Apartment blocks and commonhold buildings tend to bring people in closer proximity, increasing the dangers of spreading COVID-19. Moving to suburban homes or homes nearer to nature means there is much more space in between neighbours, increasing social distancing safety. Oh, and the air is much healthier as well.


Nearer to nature, better for mental health

When you’re stuck working at home or in quarantine, it doesn’t do your mental health well when you look out the windows and see only other buildings, streets, and miles and miles of cement. On the other hand, if you move to a home nearer to nature, you can look out the window and see a lot of greenery, forests, water, etc. Seeing nature upfront will work wonders with you and your family’s mental health, especially if you’re working from home. Nature also has a relaxing and calming effect.


Nearer to nature, appreciate nature

When nature is near your home, it gives the family a chance to go out more often and exercise, while still staying away from other people. So, you and your family also get to appreciate nature and its importance to our planet’s ecology, and to humankind’s very existence.


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