Real Estate in Cairns: House Inspection Rules During COVID-19

The real estate market never sleeps — and so is searching for your dream home, too. Because COVID-19 has affected Australia in a lot of ways, the government has issued a range of rules and regulations for the real estate industry.

House Inspection Guidelines

To prevent coronavirus from spreading, both the agent and the homebuyer should follow a few things for the sake of safety. Here are the new normal open house and home inspection guidelines to follow:


  • Social distancing – This is a top priority rule to follow — always give a suitable distance between one another when on a house inspection.


  • Disinfect high touch points – Agents need to make sure surfaces that are likely to be touched are sanitised before entering the house (such as doorknobs, light switches, kitchen surfaces, and tabletops).


  • Leave all the doors inside the house open – This is for easy access to all the rooms to avoid making close contact with one another.


  • Avoid touching things unnecessarily – Always be cautious even though the things inside the property are already disinfected.

Another thing…

When visiting the property, real estate agents are also required to keep the homebuyer’s personal details (such as your name, address and phone number) for a minimum of eight weeks. Be sure to give accurate details for these will be handed over to contact tracing teams and the state’s health authorities if an agent is notified by the health officials.

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